Q. How Much Does Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Cost?

Wildwood Cabinetry is uniquely handmade for you and varies from project to project. While it is difficult to pinpoint a dollar amount, we can generalize that a Full Overlay style, genuine custom hand-selected CHERRY Kitchen typically starts around $20,000.00 installed. We have several displays in our showroom and one full kitchen with lots of fantastic features on display at $20,000.00 to demonstrate our cabinetry and represent our pricing in our showroom. How does this price compare? For reference, we have clients reporting estimates of $16,000 from big box home improvement stores for similar sized kitchens. The big box home improvement stores generally offer maple semi-custom mass produced kitchens. Come and see the Wildwood difference firsthand!

Q. What is your lead time?

Installation typically occurs 8-12 weeks after the contract is signed and payment is received.

Q. How quickly can a new client get from an initial meeting to the contract signing?

The quickest is generally 2 weeks if decisions are made decisively on a relatively small project. More typical is 6 weeks or longer of planning and revisions of the design.

Q. Do you do make cabinetry for bathroom remodels?

No. We make bathroom cabinetry ONLY in conjunction with kitchen cabinetry orders.

Q. Do you do make cabinetry for kitchen remodels?

YES! We love to work with homeowners to help remodel kitchens. We also do custom bathrooms and built-ins in conjunction with new and remodeled kitchens! We only work with cabinetry (not the general contracting, flooring, lighting, tile, appliances, plumbing, etc.), so we’re fantastically equipped to handle the cabinetry for your new or remodeled kitchen, making the best use of your unique space.

We have a dedicated kitchen in our showroom especially for remodeling projects. Visit us and explore the kitchens and all of the options we offer. Open every drawer and door and imagine it in your home! If you have endured many years of poor functioning “builder grade” cabinets, it only makes good sense to invest a little more to have Wildwood Cabinetry enhance your home for years to come.

Q. Can I add to my existing cabinetry or re-work a cabinet to better suit my needs?

No. We can take all kinds of remodeling projects, but we cannot match or modify old cabinetry in a cost-effective way. Wildwood Cabinetry will not re-work, retrofit or add-to existing cabinetry. Please visit our friend, Keith, at for re-work or individual cabinets.

Q. What type of finish is used on your cabinets?

Wildwood Cabinetry uses the industry leading conversion varnish finish. CV, or Conversion Varnish, is known for its extreme hardness, durability, and non-yellowing characteristics. CV gives your cabinetry the highest protection available and a smooth furniture feel. Conversion Varnish is double the durability and protection of a nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Our paints are conversion varnish as well.

Most smaller shops or mass-producers use a form of nitrocellulose lacquer which is a less expensive finishing option. Nitrocellulose Lacquer was developed in the 1920’s and offers little resistance to water and household chemicals found in today’s kitchens. All nitrocellulose lacquer will begin to amber or turn yellow within a year of application, and continue to progress.
For painted finishes, smaller shops use water-thin pigmented sanding sealer as a base color coat, then add a coat of nitrocellulose lacquer. The yellowing effect of nitrocellulose lacquer is especially noticeable over a painted white finish. Truly, no homeowner wants to endure 30 years of ugly “yellowed-white paint.” NOTE: pre-catalyzed lacquer (“pre-cat”), catalyzed finish, and post-catalyzed lacquer are all names for a mixture product which is primarily nitrocellulose lacquer. Don’t pay for custom work with amateur grade finish products applied!

Q. What is your warranty?

We provide a one year warranty. Wildwood began building custom cabinets in 1971 and many kitchens still functioning flawlessly after 35- 40 years and our homeowners are still bragging about their Wildwood Cabinetry. We’re happy to have a showroom meeting with you and discuss warranties and any other questions you have.

Q. What areas do you serve?

Our local market includes Maryville, Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Lenoir City, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Athens, Cookeville, Crossville, Morristown, Bristol, Kingsport and other surrounding areas. Through our dealer network we can also travel to other areas around the country.

Other questions or concerns? Please Contact Us!